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Erudito licėjaus mokytoja Talia Shaban Cambridge

Cambridge International Primary Programme Coordinator

Talia Shaban

International Cambridge program teacher. „From a young age I have always had a natural interest for creativity, learning and helping others. When I realised that teaching would allow me to bring together these three passions, I knew I had found my career path.“ – says Talia. Talia received Bachelor’s degree in Foundation Phase in the University of South Africa and then started her carrier as a primary school teacher in Herzlia Weizmann Primary school, Cape Town, South Africa. As Talia has grown in her career, her curiosity has led her to explore more progressive and multi-dimensional teaching environments. Her focus is to extend her skills as a teacher to facilitate learning that incorporates 21st century skills and prepares her students to be globally-minded, knowledgeable and creative thinkers. She believes in the value of placing the student at the centre of the learning experience to allow them to take ownership for their learning.

„Compassion, empathy, tolerance and kindness are important core values to me and I want to foster the development of these personal qualities in my students.“ – firmly says Talia


International Cambridge program Teacher

Merle Lange

Merle was born in German, educated in Sweden and Denmark, and has worked in schools in Tanzania and New Zealand. Her passion for working with youth has led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (BEd) in International Teachers Education from the University College Absalon, Denmark, where she graduated with honours.

Throughout her education, she has developed an interest in Scandinavian teaching approaches within international settings. “Student-centred teaching is very important, every student is unique and should be taught that way, therefore I am a big advocate for differentiated teaching and learning.” She also encourages project-based learning, real-life content that is relatable and moving lessons outside of the classroom. “I want my students to become creative thinkers, autonomous learners and curious open-minded people.”

Merle believes that everybody should feel welcomed and respected in her classroom.


Cambridge International Secondary Programme Coordinator

David Brisson

David loves working with kids and helping them grow and develop. He firmly believes in the power of compassion, honesty, and courage as character values necessary to thrive in the 21st Century: “I hope we can work together towards understanding and applying these values in our daily lives.”

David has worked in various different educational settings giving him quite the backdrop of experience to draw upon. This also means he has a clear vision of what a great classroom for learning looks like and how to get there.


Primary school Teacher

Jurga Smulskienė

Primary school teacher with 20 years of experience in primary and pre-school education. She graduated from the Lithuanian University of Education with a master’s degree in quality management in primary education and studied in Austria. While working in primary school, she coordinated the position of the primary school teacher and deputy director and led a modern pre-school institution for several years. The teacher is well versed in the development of critical thinking and is interested in innovative educational techniques and arts.

She believes, that every child is unique and talented, therefore creates an environment in which the child’s powers and abilities are spreading and growing.


Primary school Teacher

Laima Pėtelienė

Primary school teacher with more than 22 years of pedagogical experience. After graduating from Marijampolė Higher Pedagogy School, she graduated with a degree in primary education and music education, and later graduated from Šiauliai University’s primary education pedagogy studies program and received a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. Devotes a great deal of attention to personalization, skills disclosure, and creativity, new methods, use of information technology in lessons. Lately, Laima participated in the project of the implementation of the patterns of non-traditional education of prevention, using art therapy, and completed the course of application of the personality education model using art therapy. Laima is a long-time member of the Lithuanian Scout organization community, bringing together several scout squads.

She believes, that the teacher’s mission is to contribute to the full development of the child’s personality. Therefore, it is important not only to achieve results in the lessons, but also to encourage students to discover themselves in artistic ways, projects, activities, various schools, cities and republic olympics, competitions.


Primary school Teacher

Ieva Čepaitytė

A primary school teacher who has acquired a specialty in primary education at the Lithuanian University of Education. Since then, Ieva‘s professional path has been a consistent growth, accompanied by volunteering at children’s day centers,“Maltiečiai“ organization, Lithuanian blind, and visually impaired education center, and leadership of youth groups. By using experience active methods of education, Ieva seeks to reveal to her students the true beauty of life—when there is no need to fear the emotions of her possession, new knowledge, and new challenges.

She believes, that only by exploring and knowing we can see all the colors of life.


Primary school Teacher

Jolanta Derkač

A primary school teacher who obtained a bachelor’s degree in education from Šiauliai University and the qualification of a primary school teacher. With 24 years of pedagogical experience, capable of communicating and acting in an intercultural environment. Jolanta is characterized by excellent integration of smart technologies in lessons, gladly exploits, and tries non-traditional teaching methods. It is very important for the child to feel calm and safe at school. She is interested in innovation, active sports, willingly sharing his experience with the community.

She believes, that openness and trust must dominate the relationship between students and teachers.

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English Teacher

Eglė Smaidžiūnaitė Corbett

Teacher Eglė has acquired the qualifications of an English language, primary class, and music teacher. A long pedagogical tour began in Klaipėda, then continued for many years in Ireland, where Eglė had a great opportunity to further deepen her language skills and gain pedagogical and cultural experience. The teacher is convinced that it is very important to be open and courageous in accepting new knowledge, challenges, and opportunities, and above all to believe and love what you are doing. It was the rigidity that accompanied the teacher from childhood, which led her to choose the profession of teacher, and the textbook was and until now remained Eglė’s favorite book.

She believes, that ingenuity opens the way for science to man, and diligence and sincerity contribute to the realization of aspirations.

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English Teacher

Alina Žutautaitė

Alina Žutautaitė, an English teacher methodist is proud of her 23 years of pedagogical work experience. The teacher is convinced that she is best at learning with her students. The best assessment of the teacher’s work is that letters come from students stressing that being a teacher is the greatest joy because they are extremely interesting, enriched not only with business knowledge but also by a motivation to achieve their goals and never give up. Teacher Alina has been participating in the state evaluation of the English exam orally and in writing for many years, to help her students. Reaching a goal, participates in the organization and management of children’s summer camps in English, not only in Lithuania but also outside. In 2017, primary school students founded their own school called “Intelligent School”, where they teach English with active teaching methods to make children interested and curious to learn the language. For many years, the teacher was a curator of practice for English students and shared their best practices with future educators. As virtual learning and training is now being used, Alina has created a YouTube channel: Englishmentorlt and Podcast, where she shares her tips on learning English.

She believes, that creativity is a process that allows you to understand the world, and it serves language skills.

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Teacher of French

Gintarė Baciuškienė

French teacher, who has been working in education for 15 years, has completed her Bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in French and didactics and has a teacher expert qualification category. Gintarė is demanding and seeking improvement, so she regularly participates in various trainings in Lithuania and France, she is a member of a team of various national projects, conducts methodological training for Lithuanian teachers, is an evaluator of international DELF/DALF exams, and since 2020 vice-president of the Association of French Language Teachers and Teachers. Teachers are a very important environment based on collaboration, teamwork, and partnership, where pupils use the language naturally and easily in various activities.

She believes, that each student must experience success in the lesson in order to gain confidence in their abilities.


Physical education Teacher

Regimantas Lukoševičius

Physical education and wellness teacher is a coach who has acquired a teacher/coach specialty and bachelor’s degree in sports degree at Kaunas Academy of Physical Education. After successfully working as a teacher and coach, Regimantas continued his studies at Vilnius University and in 2009, where he graduated with a master’s degree in business management. In 2009, he installed karate hall, one of the prestigious Vilnius schools, where he continued his career as a coach and later a teacher. Currently, Regimantas is 2 KYU (brown belt). In the latter period, Regimantas discovered Muay Thay, TRX, functional and other strength, endurance, and health-enhancing workouts, like pilate, yoga, which connects the body and soul, helps to relax. Regimantas is the LRS’s public adviser on sports and education. Participates in the activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RL, creating a wellness program for teachers. Regimantas is also proud of the excellent awards: Karate Kyokushin in adult competitions “Hall sign” prizewinner (2007-2008); Participant and winner of judo competition (in junior and junior groups); National Guard Service, Republican race, a battle barrier with firearm multiple prize winner and champion.

He believe that health is not everything, without health everything is nothing!


Information and Modern Technology Teacher

Jūratė Valatkevičienė

Teacher of Information and Modern Technology, who has 20 years of experience in pedagogical work, has completed a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also mathematics and computer science at the then Vilnius Pedagogical University. Jūratė is a Logo enthusiast, one of the pioneers of the Logo competition – Olympic and informatics and also informatics competition “Bebras” in Lithuania. Jūratė is a co-author of many textbooks.

Jūratė believes that the teacher’s job is to show the student the paths and opportunities, to support and encourage them to take the first steps.


Arts Teacher

Viltė Pažėraitė

An art teacher who graduated from Falmouth University with a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and VFX. After graduating, she began the animation of the film “The Currency of Kindness” for the BBC Spotlight channel about Coronavirus Lessons. Viltė has given lectures to students about teamwork and public speaking. Also, organized events, volunteered in the Lithuanian School Union (LMS), where she was responsible for the organization, conduct, and design of the participants’ cards. Viltė also studied neurolinguistic programming, psychology, and public speaking at Toastmasters Club. Viltė hopes that she will resurrect the usual art classes for a new life through the expanses and beauty of the animation discipline.

Viltė thinks that everything is as it must be.

Nino Bitchiashvili

English Teacher

Nino Bitchiashvili

English teacher at Erudito Licejus with five years of teaching experience. She has taught English in different countries such as Georgia, Spain, Greece and Lithuania. She is currently acquiring her degree in Political Science at Vytautas Magnus University. Nino is very passionate about teaching and learning different languages. She is fluent in three languages and is presently mastering   two more.  She reckons that the biggest responsibility for a teacher is to open up a “pathway of thought” in children’s minds and inspire them to the fullest. She believes in treating them seriously from the younger age and has individual approaches developed for each and every student.

Nino believes, that the root of the world “education” stands for the idea to “lead”, meaning that for her, education is leading out of what is already there in a pupil.


Religion Teacher

Julius Mališauskas

In 2002 he graduated from Vilnius Pedagogical University and acquired a bachelor of religious sciences. After successfully starting as a teacher, Julius continued to improve his knowledge and in 2011 acquired the Qualification Category of Senior Teacher. Julius is currently a member of the Methodological Group of The Teachers of Nicholas, All Saints, parish teachers, and st. Chairman of the Theresa Parish Teachers Methodological Group. They believe that the search for the meaning of life is specific to everyone and everyone is looking for what is filling. In his lessons, it is most important for him to find a connection with the student so that the student feels safe, open, and critical in the lesson.

Julius believes that whatever you do, do it from the heart.


Music Teacher

Girmantė Bubelytė

After graduating from bachelor of arts at the Vytautas Magnus University, is continuing her studies at master of arts. She also attends jazz academy in Kaunas to deepen her understanding of music and practice new skills. Girmantė has 3 years’ pedagogical experience in teaching music at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Kaunas and now in Vilnius. She also gives piano and accordion lessons. Girmantė worked as a music therapist with kids who have special needs.

Girmantė is very happy to have an opportunity to work and share her professional expertise with young, talented and motivated students at “Erudito licėjus”.


English Teacher

Greta Kaikarytė

English teacher, translator, editor, obtained a bachelor degree in English philology at Vilnius University. She is the winner of Sir Stanley Wells Fellowship, who graduated with honours from the Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham University. Greta has a strong personality, is able to think critically and creatively, rationally solve problems and build a relationship with the intercultural community. Ir is extremely important for Greta to create an equal dialogue with children, to know them as growing individual personalities, to share and inspire love for literature and science.

She believes, that openness, trust, self-reflection and mutual feedback in the educational process are among the most important values.