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Model United Nations Takes Place at Vilnius Erudito Licėjus

Belonging to any community is a unique feeling. Knowing that you are part of a specific group signifies an expression of personal identity and self-awareness, influencing social integration. Belonging to a community helps identify oneself and understand their place in the world. The United Nations Organization Model at Vilnius Erudito Licėjus, encouraged by teacher Brian Davis, could become such a nurturing and cultivating community.

The Model United Nations Vilnius Erudito Licėjus (MUNVEL) is a global platform, simulating UN and other world countries’ policy forums. Here, students learn to improve and develop their language skills, especially public speaking, critical thinking abilities, aiding in becoming responsible global citizens.

Brian Davis, an English language and Global Perspectives teacher at Erudito Licėjus, worked for over a decade in Kazakhstan, teaching Global Perspectives and organizing Model United Nations sessions. Davis closely collaborates with the United Nations and now leads the MUNVEL club.

At Erudito Licėjus, Davis initiated the United Nations Simulation Club, one of the extracurricular activities. In this club, students simulate the work of the UN, learn diplomacy, the art of debate, and attempt to solve contemporary global issues in politics, law, social welfare, and environmental conservation.

Global Perspectives as a discipline in schools aims to teach students to analyze, understand, and evaluate global phenomena and issues, promoting critical and analytical thinking and international understanding about global themes and challenges. More about the UN simulation club can be found here.

The United Nations club is open to anyone willing to improve public speaking, leadership skills, and make friends and connections worldwide. Being a member of this club helps develop not only professional competencies but also personal qualities and can contribute to future careers.

Students from grades 7 to 12 are invited to join the club. Posters with a QR code containing all the necessary information hang in the corridors of Vilnius Erudito Licėjus. Additionally, there is an Instagram account where all the latest and most relevant information, events, and other important club announcements are posted.

“I would really like students not only from Vilnius but also from Kaunas Erudito Licėjus and students from schools across Lithuania to join this club,” shares club leader B. Davis. Currently, intensive work is being done with students from grades 7–8. In February, the teacher hopes to accompany them to Lyon, France, where Erudito Licėjus students would participate in an international MUN conference.

Those interested in participating in the club’s activities can contact via email

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