Erudito licėjus gimnazija mokykla mokytojai švietimo lyderiai mokymasis ISM magistras
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We have more Educational Leaders at Erudito Licėjus

Right before the Midsummer holidays we said, “See you later!” to our students, handed out diplomas, and on monday after it we say three times “HURRAY!” for Erudito lyceum teachers Goda Stelnionienė, Daiva Jankauskienė and the head of the Vilnius department Ieva Daugėlė. After finishing their master’s degree in the Educational Leadership programme at ISM University of Management and Economics, they have proven that it is never too late to learn and improve.

We not only educate personalities but also a community that is constantly learning. We are proud that our teachers are strategically minded, innovative, and constantly looking for ways to grow and improve! Understanding the need for knowledge and professional development, Erudito lyceum joins the ISM University of Management and Economics initiative which aims to provide teachers and school leaders with quality Master’s level studies. To implement the project, Erudito lyceum has established five Education Leadership Scholarships.