Erudito licėjaus Kauno komanda pradinių klasių mokytoja

Daiva Petkevičienė

Primary Class Teacher Methodologist

Primary education teacher methodologist. I finished the specialty course of Marijampolė Higher Pedagogical School “Education in Preschool Institutions”, later I graduated from Šiauliai University with the study program of primary education pedagogy and obtained the bachelor’s degree in education and the qualification of a primary school teacher. 2012 At the Faculty of Social Sciences of Kaunas University of Technology, I graduated from the educational technology study program in the field of education and obtained a master’s degree in education. I am interested in ICT and apply them in practice. I have been working at the school since 1992.

Daiva believes that the child must first feel very good at school, only then can he achieve the highest results within his means.