11-12 grades

Marta Bobiatynska

Head of International Programmes (IBDP/IGCSE), IBDP College Counselor, IBDP/IGCSE Exam Officer

Marta Bobiatynska

Marta graduated from the University of Warsaw with M.Sc. in Geography, followed by a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences. She also holds a Qualified Teacher Status from Poland and the UK. Marta is involved in International Baccalaureate education since 2004. Firstly as a Geography teacher and Head of Faculty and most recently as a Head of Education and IB DP Coordinator. During her career, she worked in international schools in several countries, including Poland, Netherlands, Russia, and Armenia. Apart from that, she is also an experienced IB DP workshop leader, school visitor and examiner. Marta is looking forward to meeting all at the school and living in beautiful Lithuania, the country she has been visiting in the past on many occasions and which is dear to her.

Marta believes that “It’s worth being honest, although it doesn’t always pay off. It pays off to be dishonest, but it isn’t worth it”.


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Head Science Teacher, Students’ Projects Coordinator

Ash Ellis

Ash Ellis is a Lead chemistry and physics teacher with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Ash has two BScs degrees which shows her thirst for knowledge and Postgraduate Diploma Secondary Education and Subject Knowledge Enhancement Science/Chemistry at University of Plymouth.  Ash is a prestige member of UK charted teachers, with a proven track record of helping students achieving extraordinary results. She joined this prestigious group by studying the science of learning, where through research they are improving teaching practices in educational environments. She has taught a variety of age groups and topics including, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics and Cambridge International A Level Physics.

Ash believes in training and encouraging the new generation to become lifelong learners and preparing them for the unknown future. “Nothing happens until something moves” – Albert Einstein.


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Ozhan Akdag

Dr. Ozhan Akdag has 20 years of experience by teaching mathematics in International Baccalaureate (MYP and DP) and Cambridge (A-level and IGCSE). Teacher graduated from Ataturk Technical University and worked in many international schools and latest in Denmark and Czech Republic. He founded and managed Robotics and Project creating clubs at schools where he previously worked. Dr. Ozhan Akdag wants to create a robotics club in “Erudito licėjus” too and wants to join some competitions with students. Dr. Ozhan Akdag is pleased that by teaching children mathematics, he encourages students to achieve the highest results.

Dr. Ozhan believes that the Mathematics is not somewhere out of our life, it is around us and touches our life every second.

J. Makuskaite

International Baccalaureate  Programme Biology Teacher

Jurgita Makuškaitė

Jurgita graduated from Vilnius University with a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Ecology. She has also completed PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) studies at Middlesex University and received a qualified teacher’s status (QTS) in the United Kingdom. Jurgita has taught Biology, Chemistry, and Physics GCSE in Secondary Schools in London for the past three years. She gained invaluable international experience in teaching English National Curriculum for Science. Jurgita enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with students and believes that perseverance, open-mindedness, positivity, and resilience are among the most important values needed for the students to be prepared for the challenges of this precious century.

Jurgita believes that “Teachers can open the door, but you must enter it yourself.”

Monika Aleksė

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Psychology Teacher

Monika Aleksė

In 2019 Monika graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a master’s degree in Health Psychology, and is currently pursuing a research career in doctoral studies in Psychology. Monika is constantly raising her qualification and is interested in innovations in the science of psychology, prepares scientific publications, is engaged in public activities and interested in human rights issues as well as is pursuing consultation practice. In fact, from the first grade until now, Monika hasn’t had a break from studying, so it’s time to share her knowledge with others! The work and volunteering as a psychologist with young people and adults with complex disabilities, intellectual disabilities, addictions not only provided practical work experience, but also raised a big heart.

Monika believes that everyone deserves respect and listening. One well-spoken word, a changed environment, or just universal respect can really change lives.

Donatas Šinkūnas

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme History and Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Donatas Šinkūnas

Donatas has solid international experience to educate students of the 21st century. Having worked as a Teacher of Social Sciences and Humanities at the IB School in Bogotá, Colombia,

Donatas gained experience working with both middle-aged (MYP) and senior (DP) students teaching Cognitive Theory (ToK) and Philosophy. At Bogota School, Donatas was also in charge of the United Nations Module (MUN). Donatas continues his academic work at one of the Canadian Universities (Western), where he is a candidate for a Ph.D. The teacher received his Bachelor’s and Master’s qualifications in Lithuanian (VMU) and Belgian (KU Leuven) universities. The teacher is an IB model enthusiast and believes in the meaning and benefits of interdisciplinary science.

The idea is that ideas are tools for making better decisions in life. Therefore, the school should teach the principles of thinking, not specific ideas. This is in line with IB’s mission and philosophy.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme History and Ethics Teacher

Gražvydas Kaškelis

He is an ethics teacher who received a bachelor’s degree in history in 2008. Actively participates in international projects in The Netherlands, Poland, Latvia. Interested in education news, apply the latest teaching methods. Gražvydas participated in the process of assessing the achievements of standardized pupils and developing self-assessment tools for general education schools and is a lecturer in various seminars. The teacher is interested in sports, nature, photography. He is pleased with the knowledge he has with the interests that can convey to the younger generation. Actively travels, has organized a dozen student excursions abroad, visiting science centers or interesting historical objects.

Gražvydas believes, that one of the most important things is to engage the student in the subject, and then learning becomes easier.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Math Teacher

Sergey Sartakov

Sergey graduated from the Open University in the UK with MSc in Mathematics. In addition, he holds a Qualified Teacher Status from Russia and the UK. Since 2003 Sergey has been teaching A level and IB programmes in the UK and several other countries, including China and Malaysia. Sergey is passionate about working with students, building a solid foundation and high standards and expectations from which their academic, social, and emotional wellbeing can flourish.

Sergey believes that “Teaching is about really paying attention to people – really believing them, really caring about them, really involving them”.

Rokas Balčiūnas

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Biology and Math Teacher

Rokas Balčiūnas

Deputy Director of Education. A graduate of KTU Gymnasium, regular winner for national school competitions, he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Kaunas University of Technology in 2008 and a Master’s degree in Chemistry in 2010. As a student, he worked at the Institute of Physical Electronics at KTU, contributing to the development of diamond-like coatings and an innovative medical device. In 2011, Rokas completed his teaching qualification and has been a teacher of physics, mathematics, technology, IT since, and runs children’s’ camps during the school breaks. Interested in philosophy, psychology, physiology and wellness, Rokas enjoys hiking, holds a footprint specialist diploma and a black Aikido belt. Rokas has taught the IB Diploma Programme for the past five years, in subjects including Maths, Biology, and Physics, and has also been an Extended Essay supervisor.

Rokas believes that comprehensive education is the way to success in the 21st-century world.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Physics Teacher

Edita Bitvinskaitė

Physics teacher – Methodologist with 23 years of experience. In 1995 she graduated from Vilnius University of Education and acquired a qualification as a teacher of physics, astronomy and IT. After the studies Edita worked at Onuškio secondary school in Trakai region for11 years. Since 2007 she has been working at Jonas Jablonskis gymnasium in Kaunas.

Edita believes it is important to work so that your lessons would inspire children to like your subject – physics, as a result, they would manage to see and hear it in the surrounding world.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme English Teacher

Greta Kaikarytė

English teacher, translator, editor, obtained a bachelor degree in English philology at Vilnius University. She is the winner of Sir Stanley Wells Fellowship, who graduated with honours from the Shakespeare Institute, Birmingham University. Greta has a strong personality, is able to think critically and creatively, rationally solve problems and build a relationship with the intercultural community. Ir is extremely important for Greta to create an equal dialogue with children, to know them as growing individual personalities, to share and inspire love for literature and science.

Greta believes, that openness, trust, self-reflection and mutual feedback in the educational process are among the most important values.

Mokytoja Meida

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Lithuanian language and Literature Teacher

Meida Keršytė

Meida graduated from Vilnius University (VU) with a bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian philology, and is currently studying for a master’s degree in intermediate literature studies. She started her career as a teacher in 2017, while teaching Lithuanian to senior students. Meida has experience in preparing the 12th grade students for final exams, teaches argumentation, analytical thinking, writing of literary, reasoning essays, interpreting texts. Teacher is interested in culture: cinema, theatre, literature, literary theories and art in general, so she integrates focused knowledge into lessons, encourages students to think argumentatively, develops creativity and their individuality. In addition, she seeks to keep close contact with students, to be not only a teacher, but also a psychologist, listening to everyone’s expectations, appreciating each students’ uniqueness and abilities.

Meida believes that everything is interesting when you look at it more comprehensively. Science must provide the joy of cognition, and the educator is a guiding star in achieving this goal.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme English Teacher

Joel Mowdy

Joel Mowdy graduated with high honors from Hofstra University with a Bachelor degree in English Literature. He has also earned a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from the University of Michigan. He is a published author with more than fifteen years experience teaching English (Language and Literature) as well as other humanities subjects at international schools on three continents. Writing is his passion, and he strives to impart the good writing habits his students need to be successful on their life-long learning journeys.


International Baccalaureate and Cambridge (IBDP/IGCSE) Programmes Information Technology Teacher

Thomas Anthony Morrison

A computer science teacher, holding his bachelor’s degree in Computing Science and Marketing from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Edge Hill, Lancashire, England. After spending several years in business and driven by a desire to share knowledge with others, Thomas discovered a teaching vocation and began working at school. Thomas is well versed in his field and has been a computer science teacher for nine years in International Baccalaureate and Cambridge programmes around the world, including accredited schools in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Italy, England. The teacher works with both primary and secondary school students. Technology is changing rapidly, so during summer vacation in his native Ireland, the teacher shares his knowledge and conducts hands-on STEM programming sessions.

Thomas believes that by sharing with others, we always get a return. The teacher likes to see how students progress and learn because that’s how we all learn.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Information Technology and Robotics Teacher

Tomas Stasiukaitis

Teacher of information technology and robotics. He teaches how to apply technologies for practical tasks in life. A teacher with a master’s degree in Informatics not only works with children. Most likely, you have heard that in 2016, the Christmas tree of Kaunas was first connected to the Internet, and anyone who wanted could manage and change positions of Christmas tree decorations. It was our teacher’s job. Tomas Stasiukaitis has mostly worked with adults and older children, this year he is teaching all students, starting from the first grade.

Tom believes it is possible to achieve everything, and it depends only on our effort how long it can take. Everything comes true if you believe it.