Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus pagrindinių klasių fizinio lavinimo mokytojas

Frank van Lieshout

Physical Education Teacher

Physical education and wellness teacher comes from the Netherlands. From a very young age he was highly passionate about sport, outdoors and nature. He obtained a university degree in physical education and qualified to be a sports pedagogue. During 10 years of experience he has worked in sport clubs as well as different schools from traditional schools to outdoor and nature based schools and schools for children with special needs teaching children from the age 4- 21 years old.  Frank likes running, trail running and also obstacle running. He also has participated in both European and  World championships. Besides teaching in a school he also teaches adults an active lifestyle in the sport community he has founded in Vilnius (Sportive locals). His vision as a physical education teacher is to help children find the joy in doing sports by introducing children to as many different sports as possible including the new trends and non-traditional sports. Teacher believes that the foundation of success comes together with happiness and positive energy.

Frank believes that passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.