Meilutė Jurevič

Biology and Science Teacher

Teacher Meilutė Jurevič graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical and Veterinary Biochemistry and obtained her teaching qualification at Mykolas Romeris University. During her studies, she acquired a wide range of knowledge and had the opportunity to carry out a variety of scientific research. Meilutė has been interested in natural and exact sciences since she was very young. During her gymnasium studies, she repeatedly won prizes in chemistry, physics and biology olympiads, and graduated from the Young Mathematicians School organised by Vilnius University, where she was awarded the best mathematician of the school along with her secondary school certificate by Kaunas University of Technology. She wants to teach students not only science, but also responsibility and critical thinking.

Meilutė believes that you should not do anything that you will regret later, but if you have already done it, do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself, but rather learn from your mistakes and improve further.