Miroslav Stasilo

French Teacher

Miroslav studied French at the Faculty of Philology at Vilnius University and defended his doctoral degree at Paris-Est University in France in 2013. He became interested in the French language while still a student at one of the schools in Vilnius, where unfortunately, at that time, there was no opportunity to choose this language, so he had to learn it independently from the beginning. Since the year 2000, he has been working at the French Institute, and since 2014, at Vilnius University, where he teaches French to both children and adults. Miroslav is interested in and researches the French language in various aspects, including culture, politics, economics, history, and, of course, linguistics. When teaching others, his main goal is for the learners to feel his passion and enthusiasm for this beautiful European language.

Miroslav believes that in every job and task, it’s most important to love or develop a love for what you do and never stop moving forward.