Erudito licėjaus Vilniaus komanda pagrindinių klasių matematikos mokytojas

Marius Zakarevičius

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics teacher methodologist with 15 years of pedagogical experience. He obtained the professional qualification of a mathematics teacher after graduating from Vilnius University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In their activities, they are constantly looking for ways to improve their qualifications, gain new experience, so they do not shy away from participating in projects related to improving the quality of education. Marius had to test his strength while working in the team of authors preparing the textbook “Mathematics for You 12th grade”, the task “Mathematics for You 11th grade”, the publication “Mathematics Tasks for 5th grade”. Has been involved in projects for the development of interactive learning objects for gymnasiums, digital teaching aids and methodologies for their use. Marius is interested in the dynamic mathematics program Geogebra, is involved in the activities of the Lithuanian Geogebra Institute, and is also a member of the organizing committee of the Baltic & Nordic Geogebra Network.

Marius believes that “keep in mind that I am good and I am lucky, you are good and you are lucky”.