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The Solidarity Run in Kaunas brought together teachers

On October 14th, the community of Kaunas “Erudito” licėjus gathered at Ąžuolyno Park, donning their running shoes, to celebrate the autumn sports festival and participate in the 10th annual Solidarity Run organized by the “Gelbėkit vaikus” organization.

The most active participants were the teachers who, on a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning, rushed to Ąžuolyno Park with their families and support teams. One of the event’s organizers, a physical education teacher named Eduardas Straigis, jokingly mentioned that the Solidarity Run unexpectedly turned into a team-building activity and provided an opportunity for teachers to socialize with each other. He said, “We are usually very busy, and we don’t have time for each other, but after the run, we didn’t rush anywhere, and we even went for coffee together.”

However, the main purpose of the event was not forgotten. The Kaunas “Erudito” licėjus community collectively ran approximately 100 km, with each participant covering an average of 2-3 km. Participants of the Solidarity Run donated to support the well-being of children in Lithuania and Ukraine directly through the Gelbėkit vaikus” organization’s website, so the exact amount of donations cannot be specified by the organizers.

“Nevertheless, the most important aspects were the positive emotions, high spirits, noble purpose, great weather, and excellent company,” summed up E. Straigis, making the autumn sports festival a meeting of solidarity. The “Erudito” community demonstrated true solidarity, unity, and support, not to mention physical fitness and emotional well-being (physical activity helps to stay healthy, and the satisfaction from good deeds lifts the mood!). Eduardas mentioned that everyone will need to put in even more effort next year.

Moments from the Solidarity Saturday can be found in the photo album.

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