Join the Erudito Licėjus | Open Day for International Baccalaureate Classes

“Already in the tenth grade, I decided to study in the IBDP program, and this decision was very motivated”, says Žiedė, an alumna of the International Baccalaureate at “Erudito” licėjus, who is continuing her studies at her dream university, the University of British Columbia in Canada. We hope deciding will be easier for you at the “Erudito” licėjus Open Day for International Baccalaureate (IB) (11-12) classes for the academic year 2024-2025?

The Open Day for IB classes will take place on December 12th, at 4 PM, at 26 Aguonų Street in Vilnius. We invite you to register.

The “Erudito” licėjus International Programs Manager, Brian Brackrog, will present the philosophy, curriculum, structure, and subjects of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). IB students and graduates from classes will share their authentic experiences, along with teachers and graduates who will answer your questions. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn everything you wanted to know about the International Baccalaureate and its diploma program!

Here are some reviews from our IBDP students and graduates about the International Baccalaureate:

“Lyceum truly helped me unfold as an individual, discover new friends, gain self-confidence, and start thinking outside the box. I believe the knowledge gained here will assist me in studying across the Atlantic. The values instilled at Erudito Lyceum, which are practiced daily, will help me adapt more easily to the new environment, culture, and way of life in the United States”, says Kristupas Daumantas, an “Erudito” licėjus student continuing his studies in the USA.

“I wasn’t a good student. My attitude was quite careless, I didn’t expect much, and my academic results reflected that. Everything changed when I realized that learning could be interesting, that everything around is interconnected. I revisited every presentation, project, test, failure in my mind, analyzed the reasons, and suddenly it struck me that I am actually interested in learning and discovering something new! Previously, I tried to endure school somehow, absorb the information presented to me without analyzing how it all fits into a whole, becomes a part of our world, and shapes a different me. Life became a great discovery, an object of scientific research, and much more interesting”, says Saulė Zulanaitė, an IBDP twelfth-grade student.

“The IBDP studies lasted for two years, and I must admit that it was an academically challenging period where I had to reconsider my priorities. However, every time I hear the question ‘is IB hard,’ I want to emphasize that the benefits of the courses and the experience gained outweigh all the difficulties and sleepless nights. I think it’s naive to expect that a program that offers so many advantages in the future will be easy, but anyone with motivation, a desire to learn in the future, and strive for heights will focus not on the program’s difficulties but on the value it creates”, reassures Žiedė, a graduate of the 12th grade of the International Baccalaureate at “Erudito” licėjus.

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