Erudito licėjaus mokinys Kristupas Daumantas mokslus tęs JAV
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10th grade student Kristupas Daumantas will continue his studies in the United States!

We invite you to read a short interview with Kristupas and hear his success story.

Kristupas, how have you decided to ​​continue your studies in the United States?

I have always wanted to visit New York and deepen my knowledge in the fields of art and history. Without hesitation, I took a career test that made two suggestions: to study in Switzerland or United States of America. Of course, I chose the United States and Ross School. This school was an ideal choice to study in the areas of interest (art and history). Getting into this school was easier as my English is really good. But it is important to mention that interest and preparation is really needed to succeed. It’s an interesting fact that I was supposed to be in the 10th grade in Lithuania, but in the United States, I’m going to go to 11th grade.

Do you think that success is only determined by good learning outcomes?

Success is not only determined by good learning outcomes, but they really help. I believe that a person’s character and his or her determination is one of the keys to success.

Do you think that the knowledge gained at “Erudito licėjus“ will help you beyond the Atlantic?

Lyceum really helped me to unfold as a personality, make new friends, gain self-confidence and start thinking “outside the box “. I believe the knowledge gained here will help me in learning beyond the Atlantic. The values ​​of “Erudito licėjus“ that are being nurtured all the time will help me as an individual to adapt more easily to the new environment, culture and way of life in the United States. ”

What would you wish for yourself and community of “Erudito licėjus“?

Life is one big adventure, every challenge, I think, has to be a little scary, because only then can you really improve. I wish myself not to stumble along the way, and I wish my beloved school to further expand its community and encourage children to learn.