Straight from the source: “We have been in Erudito since grade 0, and we are very happy with her academical results”

“We found out about Erudito Licėjus, from social media when Ariana was still in kindergarten. What attracted me the most at first, was the fact that the Director of the school has a professional educational background and that the school has an IB program”, starts telling Mrs. Olga Duknauskė, the mother of international primary class 2nd grader Ariana.

“Once we have looked at the school and spoke to the management, it was clear that this was the school we wanted our child to go to – the location was perfect for us, the school didn‘t look very crowded and it gave me an idea of more private approach for each student due to the class sizes, and of course international and modern education with young and driven teachers”, tells Olga.

She admits that Ariana had a very smooth adaptation period at school, of course for each child it is very individual. But we were lucky, that she felt good and happy from the first day. We had a talk with the school psychologist who kept an eye on our child to make sure she felt safe and nothing worried her. Overall, we had no issues with adaptation period.

“The things that we like as parents in this school is the atmosphere, IB program which has many benefits for our child, modern teaching approach. I like that Erudito is always trying to improve and adapt new modern ways in education.

I think the most important things when looking at a school for a child are: school values, teachers, school location, education board, and of course degree programs.

Next year Ariana will go to 3rd grade, and we have been in Erudito since grade 0, and we are very happy with her academical results. Her English is fluent and she loves going to school! Her favourite things at school are her teachers, friends and safe and fun environment“, says Mrs. O. Duknauskė.

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