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IB PYP Project Presentations: How the World Works

On March 15th, presentations of the fourth long-term project “How the World Works” were held at Vilnius and Kaunas Erudito Licėjus within the framework of the IB PYP program for elementary school students.

Over these six weeks, preschoolers and primary school students explored how humans are connected to nature, delved into the differences between living and non-living things, examined the human body, nature, and physical phenomena, created tasks, games, quizzes, conducted various experiments (such as “lava,” “volcanoes,” explored the properties of starch, and more), prepared presentations, and fourth-graders from international classes created and publicly read stories that make the world a better and more beautiful place, and so on.

The key concepts of this project are connection, change, and responsibility: humans and nature are inseparable, the world around us is constantly changing, and we are responsible for preserving the natural environment. In carrying out this project, students utilized the IB PYP learner profile attributes: communicative, inquiring, reflective, caring.

As noted by first-grade teacher Gražina Jurevičienė, the fourth project was both a challenge and an opportunity for students, especially for first-graders, as children grow, they face more fears, but also gain more courage and willingness to overcome those challenges. Parents also observe that children are rapidly improving, seeing more opportunities, developing creative thinking, which is so important in today’s education.

This time, parents were also invited to reflect on the projects: they were asked to write down their thanks, questions, and advice for the children. Many parents wished to relate knowledge to practice and visuals, preferring not to read text from a computer screen but to tell stories verbally, asking whether children had seen each other’s projects, where they gathered information from, what was most interesting in creating the projects, etc., and thanked for the work put in. And we thank for the interesting presentations, eagerly awaiting the penultimate project on May 3rd!

Moments from the presentations – in the photo album.