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2023 at Erudito Licėjus: A Year in Review

We could name 2023 as the year of challenges, growth, ambitious plans, and aspirations. Erudito Licėjus continued to thrive: in September 2023, we opened the second building in Vilnius, expanding our spaces and fostering an international community. We don’t rest on our laurels, and we welcome the new year even more determined, stronger, and with greater hope. Join us as we embark on 2024 together!

  • In 2024, we welcome a community of more than 1,000 members: over 900 students study at Erudito Licėjus, guided by 150 teachers from Lithuania and over 20 countries of all the world.
  • Internationalism – our core value and pride: 281 students in Vilnius and Kaunas study in international classes. The international community of the lyceum consists of students and teachers from over 20 countries, including Lithuania, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Mexico, and more.
  • We became a candidate school for the IB Primary Years Programme.
  • We opened the second building (previously, a swimming pool) in Vilnius and became the largest school in Naujamiestis.
  • We graduated the second IB cohort. Currently, 79 students are studying in IB classes.
  • Our IB graduate, Urtė Vegytė, was among the top 70 students in Lithuania based on exam results and was awarded by the Government. Despite her busy schedule as a medical student, our social media influencer Urtė shares her experiences about IB studies in her authored column ‘TB with Urtė’. All posts can be viewed in the Instagram highlights ‘IB with Urtė’.
  • In the youth athletics championship, 7th-grade student Vėtrūnė Adomavičiūtė clinched the 1st position and set a Lithuanian record in the 2000m race in the 13-year-old category.
  • Every year, students from grades 5 to 10 present 5 long-term (6-week duration) projects in entrepreneurship, natural sciences, quantitative analysis, arts, and social (CAS) projects. In total, over 400 projects were presented in 2023: 217 in Vilnius and a similar number in Kaunas, comprising 54 entrepreneurship, natural sciences, and quantitative analysis projects, 54 arts projects, and 58 social projects.
  • We raised funds for organizations such as ‘Niekieno vaikai’ (we collected a total of 2929 Euros during the International Pie Day), ‘Gelbėkit vaikus’ (Vėja’s family significantly contributed to the support), NGO ‘Maži, bet stiprūs’ (2000 Euros for drones), and continued active donations for war-stricken Ukraine – on the occasion of the lyceum’s 7th anniversary, from all the contributions (8210 euros), we purchased and successfully delivered an emergency response vehicle, provided 9 scholarships for Ukrainian children to study at Erudito Licėjus. Students also contributed to support Ukraine in their capacity: for instance, 8th-grader Oskaras decided to collect and sell used books online, raising 200 euros for aid.
  • We continue to celebrate a successful partnership with the MO Museum: together with the MO team, the education program ‘Exhibition DNA’ was accredited and included in the cultural passport program, allowing senior students from all over Lithuania to participate in the education program.
  • Renowned chef Gian Luca Demarco and his team not only prepare healthy, locally-sourced meals for students at Erudito Licėjus in Vilnius and Kaunas but also introduced a new service towards the end of the year – home-delivered dinners.

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