Erudito Licėjus perkelia ugdymo turinį į skaitmeninę erdvę
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Erudito Licėjus brings the curriculum and its delivery into the digital space

Seeing what is happening around the world recently, we have been prepared for today – the day when #EruditoLicejus takes on the challenge as a prospect, and live up to the highest of standards as a digital school in the 21st Century, bringing curriculum and teaching and learning into the digital space.

From this morning, Erudito Licejus has started the implementation of technology solutions and coaching facilitation. From Monday next week, we welcome all students – from pre-school to high school – into the virtual learning space: interact, raise questions, and receive feedback, from home.

“We are taking new ways to develop children and see this as an opportunity to maximize the employability of technology into our teaching and learning methods. Let us focus and continue the education process, even at home”, says Founder and Head of the Erudito Licejus, assoc. dr. Nerijus Pačėsa.