Erudito licėjus mokinių ir mokytojų pasiekimai KINGS olimpiadoje 2022 pavasario sesija
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Erudito Licėjus – one of the most active schools in Lithuania

Participating in KINGS Olympiads has already become a tradition of Erudito Lyceum. Recently, the results of the 2022 Spring session reached our school – 21 students of Erudito Lyceum participated in the finals. We received a stack of diplomas to hand out to he children and we are already rapidly registering for the fall session.

Along with the results, we also received other news – Erudito Lyceum became one of the 150 most active Lithuanian schools in the KINGS Olympics in the spring semester of 2022! We are also one of the TOP 20, TOP 30, and TOP 50 schools in all of Lithuania according to the number of students who participated in various Olympiads! This would not be possible without our amazing students, so we would like to congratulate everyone who took part and wish them the best of luck in their future Olympiads! And, of course, we thank teachers who prepared the KINGS Olympiad finalists at the school: Dovilė Koklevičienė, Rūta Gudynienė and Daiva Jankauskienė.

Let’s achieve the best results together!