Martyna Koržovaitė
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IB graduate Martyna Koržovaitė: “Science isn’t difficult if you understand how it works”

Martyna Koržovaitė completed her education at Kaunas “Erudito” Licėjus last year and chose to pursue psychology studies at Vytautas Magnus University. In an interview with the Erudito Licėjus, the IB graduate shares what the Diploma Programme (IBDP) gave her and how it helped prepare her for university studies.

Expanding knowledge and becoming erudite. “I studied at Kaunas Erudito Licėjus from 9th grade, having finished my previous primary school. So I spent 4 years studying at this school under both the national program and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). In other words, I experienced all types of education (national, private, IB). I chose to study at Erudito because it was very challenging to choose a school where the student would not be seen just as a number in the system but would be accepted as an individual with their own needs, abilities, motivations, and talents. Therefore, wanting to expand my knowledge and become an erudite individual, I chose to apply to Erudito Licėjus.”

“IB taught me how to learn.” “I know it sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t say it differently. However, I can’t forget those two years of studying under the national program because during that time we learned how to get used to classes, which were like engaging lectures. Studying at ‘Erudito’ helped me acquire skills that I needed and feel the ‘taste’ of university studies in lecture halls. For example, I am no longer troubled or intimidated by written assignments that must meet certain criteria, academic language, and being well-oriented in the material. My English teacher Nino taught me these during classes. Essentially, no task is difficult if energy is systematically distributed and one moves efficiently step by step. In my opinion, if there is an opportunity, it is worth experiencing science hands-on. Therefore, promoting learning is beneficial. Science is not difficult if you know how it works, and even better if you can play with it.”

“The International Baccalaureate programme is like a hydraulic press—it compresses until a certain breaking point is reached when a person learns to withstand high stress in various situations. I am also very grateful for the knowledge gained because IB is like a mini version of my bachelor’s studies. Everything I learned in psychology classes, I now see from a broader perspective but narrow enough to know what is being discussed.”

Time management. “It has always been a tragedy for me. While I was studying at Erudito, I had to learn how to study so that it would not only be effective but also enjoyable. Discipline comes more with understanding why you do what you do and why it drives you.”

Civic-mindedness, initiative, activity, involvement—Martyna is often praised for these qualities by those around her. “These qualities have always been my backbone, and activity and remaining curious about the world open more doors. This also comes through mindset, which is developed through life experiences and environmental influence. Since the first year, I have been a member of the student representation, where I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical aspects of the university—how internal university processes work, what we can do for the student community, and what we rely on in fulfilling our mission. Currently, to dedicate more time to personal interests, I have stepped back a bit from the activities of the student representation and limited myself to mentoring Erasmus students and establishing international contacts.”

“I am glad that we maintain communication with both former teachers and former colleagues. Perhaps we don’t communicate every day, but I can always reach out if there is a reason, and my former classmates also know that they can always contact me. Sincerely, I thank all the teachers who taught me everything—from quantum particles to neuron anatomy and countless psychological experiment names, which I still remember, like ‘Our Father.’ Thanks to the school for providing the opportunity to study IB among people who care about improvement and growth. For myself? Well, I am probably grateful that I didn’t give up, even when it was difficult, that I put in endless time and effort into my studies to end up where I really wanted to be, and that now I have more opportunities than ever before.”

Dreams and plans. “My distant future depends a lot on the game of time and fate. I dream of a further career in clinical psychology. To obtain a master’s degree abroad. To gain competencies that would help become a doctor of sciences. This is what drives me, why I wake up every day, and I highly value all opportunities. I don’t choose the easy or simple path; I know that victory will be much sweeter when I become what I want, knowing its price. So I think motivation is enough for big dreams and goals.”

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