Kauno „Erudito licėjaus” 11-os klasės Tarpautinio Bakalaureato (IBDP) mokinio projektas „Erudito Podcast”
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Kaunas Erudito Licėjus 11th grade International Baccalaureate (IBDP) student new project Erudito Podcast

Rapolas Kazakevičius, student of the 11th grade International Baccalaureate (IBDP) of Kaunas “Erudito licejus”, who is a founder and host of new project “Erudito Podcast “.

A tour of Rapolas began during the first quarantine of 2020. Realizing that there is no way to connect, make friends, or get to know school’s teachers, Rapolas decided that something needed to change. After a long time spent at home and heard a forecast in summer of the second COVID – 19 wave, he took a paper and started to create “Erudito Podcast”.

“I thought that the podcast is the best way of communication and dissemination of news today. It is very convenient, because there you can talk about anything you want, as much as you want and what you want, there are no standards. You can feel free and be creative” – says Rapolas.

Often teachers and students see each other in corridors or classrooms, but there are no opportunities or time to communicate with teachers and get to know them better. In the podcast Rapolas does not talk to teachers about homework, students, or tests. Much of the time, he speaks about the upbringing of teachers, the days when they were students, what the school was like at the time, what the teachers’ hobbies are and what they do in their spare time.

“After a few episodes I understood that teachers are also very cool! They are full of interesting ideas, hobbies and experiences. Well, and now they can finally share it with the students! Also, it is a great opportunity for students and parents who are interested in “Erudito” activities to get to know it from within.” – says Rapolas.

Asked how the project is doing and what plans for the future are, Rapolas says:

“I do not want to stop. It seems, that I found a hobby which drives me. I have understood that I love it, I like to get to know others and to laugh. Every time I have problems: teacher cannot come, microphone batteries are dead, they record differently, hears echo… However, every time I have recorded, I feel amazing, because I had an opportunity to meet teacher from the other side again and I took a small step forward. Also, every time I learn something new. It may not be visible on the other side of the screens, but for me, for every episode I get better, the episodes get better and I get ready to make it easier. I think that in the future, maybe the concept of the podcast may change, maybe I will come up with talking to other different people, looking for different personalities and learning something interesting. However, the “Erudito licėjus” is so full of interesting teachers that the content will not change soon. I hope that in the future, everything will only get better!”


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