erudito licėjus kolektyvas komanda bendruomenė renginys šventė celebrational community together
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One team – One mission

Before the beginning of each new academic year, teachers of Erudito Lyceum participate in EMTA – Erudito Teacher Development Academy. This year, new colleagues from Lithuania and other parts of the world joined our community. It’s nice to see that Erudito Lyceum has a great national and cultural diversity, as well as extremely high experience and competence.

Erudito licėjus is located in two cities: Kaunas and Vilnius, but we are one united team.  We strengthened this feeling at yesterday’s event on the integrity of the organization’s culture and values. Together with lecturer Rima Vanagė, we learned so much not only about our colleagues, but also about ourselves.

We always believe that it’s never too late to learn, so we tried new methods of experiential education, refined our values and learned that we are all different, but united at the same time. Reflecting on what kind of team we are and creating the professional environment of our dreams, we realized that dreams are not so different from reality.  That’s what we strive for – a fellowship, understanding and professional environment with a unique and united team!

We share one common goal – to develop well-rounded individuals who are not afraid of experiments and challenges, who boldly take the path of innovation, who are able to creatively implement their ideas and achieve the highest goals. That is why we are a Team that lives this Mission every day!