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Presentations of the natural science quantitative project “Green, green, green” took place today at Erudito Lyceum!

One of the main features of Erudito Lyceum is projects. Each project integrates at least three subjects, but in all projects, students are given complete freedom to study a topic that is relevant and interesting to them. Presentations of the second project „Green, green, green“ took place today.

The second project, entitled “Green, green, green”, is dedicated to the study of a very relevant topic – nature and human interaction with it. This time, the students conducted natural science quantitative research and discovered many answers to questions relevant not only to them but also to the whole society.

Some students explored global topics such as: what are the sorting rules and are they followed by the school community? Which way of growing grass is faster: grow in the light or the dark? How do aquatic plants photosynthesize and how much oxygen do they produce? The other groups answered the one case questions that arose for them: how does bread get moldy? Which apple trees are most suitable for growing in an amateur garden? Do the students of Erudit Lyceum drink enough water?

This time, the project evaluation committee was made up of student’s parents and teachers, who chose nominations for the best projects.

We are proud of our students who care about nature, its well-being and human interaction with it!