Licėjaus įkūrėjas doc. dr. Nerijus Pačėsa: 90 procentų mokyklų vis dar vadovaujasi pasenusiais principais
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What can a school building say about the vision of education?

Founder of Erudito licėjus Assoc. Prof. Nerijus Pačėsa is convinced that school building is much more than just a place – its architectural solutions must correspond to the vision of education and help spread it. Such harmony of learning environment and content will be created in 2022, in the new building of the Erudito licėjus in Vilnius, which will open its doors on September 1. In a building on Aguonų str. that is fully adapted to the needs of learning,  the latest technological, educational and ergonomic solutions will be implemented. The school will stand out not only with a modern science and technology laboratory, a swimming pool, its own canteen, but also with classrooms. Specifically, the wide variety of spaces in which learning can take place.

Disappearing borders – both between things and classes

“In our philosophy of education, we pay a lot of attention to cooperation, teamwork and project-based learning, when different disciplines are used to study one phenomenon. We wanted such approach to be reflected in the school’s layout – not to divide the whole building into classes, but to leave a lot of space for group work and interactive activities, ”says N. Pačėsa. The traditional classes and common spaces in school will be the same, which, according to the interlocutor, is a truly unconventional solution and the uniqueness of  Erudito licėjus.

“We are creating a school not only for today, but also thinking about the future, so we are implementing innovations now. I am interested in visions for future education, and there is a growing tendency for schools to leave subjects, grades and classes in the long run. We took inspiration from Oerestad Gymnasium in Denmark, which is one of the first in the world to be designed as one large classroom, easily transformed into different learning spaces,” says N. Pačėsa. The benefits of decision to move part of learning from classroom to non-traditional, interactive spaces are obvious – provoking students to apply knowledge in practice rather than just memorization, and developing creative rather than algorithmic thinking.

Openness and sociability, as well as the core values ​​of  “Erudito licėjus”, will help to create transparent partitions and doors used in the interior. According to N. Pačėsa, it will help to feel part of the wider lyceum community, to see what is happening at school, to be at the center of its life. “By reducing physical and social barriers, it is easier for students to feel part of one community, the division between classes will be reduced, gymnasium students and primary school students will have more opportunities to communicate and cooperate,” N. Pačėsa emphasizes.

The project is at the finish line

A team of professionals has been assembled to implement this new school building project, who will make sure that all work is done on time and that students will meet in the new premises next year. One of the most famous Lithuanian architects Gintautas Natkevičius and his team were entrusted with turning the lyceum’s vision into architectural solutions. Welfare management specialists and project managers – Orion Wealth – take care of the project structure and its implementation.

“We are glad that together with our partners we have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of Lithuania’s education infrastructure. We fully understand the significance of this project for both the school community and the residents of Vilnius. Accordingly, we do our best to ensure that the deadlines are strictly adhered and that the school opens its doors on time and new facilities exceed the expectations of students and their families, ”says Karolis Ražukas, Project Manager at Orion Wealth.

On September 1 2022, 600 children will be studying in the new premises of the Erudito licėjus, both primary and senior students. With the second phase of development, the number of students will increase to almost 1,000.