erudito licėjus verslumas mokiniai dalyvauja expo parodoje
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Young entrepreneurs of Erudito Licėjus successfully participated in „Kalėdos grįžta eXpo 2021“

At the beginning of December, the annual Lithuanian Junior Achievement Fair “Christmas Comes eXpo 2021” took place. Training companies participating in the accelerator_x program presented their products and services for the first time. In total, there are about 800 companies, and the exhibition featured just 130 of then, including 4 companies represented by students of grades 5-10 of Erudito licėjus:

• JOB4U company (9th grade Kaunas) presented an online platform for youth job search and was nominated as the best solution for business.
• The DoMPo company (grades 10-11th in Kaunas) took care of environmental protection and offered a new solution to the cities – self-propelled city rubbish bins. This idea did not go unnoticed and received 2 nominations – the most innovative business idea and the most innovative technological solution.
• Card Dealers (9th grade Vilnius) took the deaf people into account and created cards of the alphabet and the Morse code, which would be a great help to deaf students.
• Torquem H2O company (10th grade Vilnius) offered its idea to our four-legged friends and presented a collar with a flexible and waterproof silicone bowl inside. For commissioners, this idea turned out to be worth the largest export potential nomination.

Licėjus focuses on one of the most important competencies for entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Students get acquainted with these basics from the fifth grade. The concept of entrepreneurship is widely understood, but Eurdito licėjus is all about creativity. Students are encouraged to develop ideas that may initially seem impossible to implement. Students themselves say that the hardest part is coming up with an idea, and when you find it, all the challenges go away on their own.
Nuno Lage and Kristina Celiešiūtė, entrepreneurship teachers of the International Baccalaureate, contributed to the establishment and development of most of the companies. According to them, each year students are surprised by their ingenuity and goal pursuit. According to them, the hardest part is coming up with a business idea. And when you already have an object, you only need the desire and good mentors to develop entrepreneurial plans and sales strategies.