DIGIT4SEN projekto partnerių susitikimas
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DIGIT4SEN Project Partners Gather to Improve Digital Skills for Inclusive Education

UAB „Erudito“ licejus international relations coordinator Rūta Petkevičiūtė recently hosted an event that brought together teachers from Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain and Lithuania as part of the Erasmus+ project “Improving teachers’ digital skills for better online inclusive education of SEN pupils (DIGIT4SEN)”. The three-day (March 1-3, 2023) training session aimed to improve the digital skills of teachers in order to create a more inclusive learning environment for students with special needs.

The training session consisted of presentations and discussions about innovative and interactive platforms that can help engage students in activities and improve the quality of work with students with special needs in schools. The discussions and presentations were based on the DIGIT4SEN guidebook, which presents four modules: Digital educational classes, Digital assessment of knowledge, The DIGIT4SEN methodology, and Design and development of learning contents for digital lessons.

The training sessions were not only theoretical but also practical. Teachers had the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they learned in real-life situations. The training session was conducted by a team of experts, including ICT specialists, primary education teachers, and school speech therapists.

The DIGIT4SEN project is a crucial initiative that aims to address the digital skills gap among teachers and provide them with the necessary skills to deliver inclusive education to students with special needs. The project recognizes the need for digital education and assessment tools that are tailored to the needs of special needs students. The project also aims to empower teachers to create digital educational content that is accessible to all students, including those with special needs.

One of the key outcomes of the DIGIT4SEN training session was the establishment of new friendships between project partners and teachers. The event provided an opportunity for participants to network and share experiences, which will help them to improve their teaching practices and provide better support to students with special needs.

In conclusion, the DIGIT4SEN project is a valuable initiative that aims to improve the digital skills of teachers and create a more inclusive learning environment for students with special needs. The training session provided an excellent opportunity for teachers to acquire new skills and knowledge, which they can apply in their teaching practices. The project partners and teachers left the event with not only new knowledge but also new friendships that will help them to work together towards their common goal of providing quality education to all students.

Project number: 2021-1-LT01-KA220-SCH-000031624.